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8 Steps to Better Core Strength

Posted on: Tuesday 19th May 2015

All three disciplines require core stabilization and strength. Strong core musculature helps you keep your body streamlined in the water, maintain a comfortable bike position, and keep good form on the run.

Good core strength helps absorb and stabilize jarring forces that occur to your body on the bike and run as well as decreasing the risk of overuse injuries

Follow these 8 key exercises that Belinda Granger follows and you’ll be on your way to a better core in no time.

Core Strength Exercises:

The following set of 8 exercises are great for improving core strength and for activation of the glutes and hamstrings.

1. Hamstring Curls on Swiss Ball – 10-15 reps x 3 sets

Exercise 1excercise1a

Before you begin this exercise make sure you activate your abdominals and gluteals. Control the entire movement- don’t rush it.

2. Abdominal work using Swiss Ball – 10 reps x 3 sets

Excercise 2excercise2aexcercise2c

Don’t let your feet or arms touch the ground throughout the exercise. Your core remains activated the whole time.

3. Abdominal work using medicine ball (4-6kg ball)- 15-20 reps x 3 sets

Feet should be shoulder-width apart and stay on the ground throughout the exercise. You can keep the ball close to your chest or out in front if you want to make it a little harder.

Excercise 3aexcercise 3b

4. Obliques using medicine ball (4-6kg ball)- 20-30 reps x 3 sets

Twisting side to side, ball to only just touch the ground, feet remain off the ground throughout the exercise.

excercise4bExcercise 4a

5. Lower Abdominal work – 10-15 reps x 3 sets

Lying on a bench with legs together in the air, lower them to horizontal, hold for a few seconds and repeat. The movement must be controlled throughout.



6. Step-ups (can be done with or without hand weights) – 10-15 reps on same leg x 3 sets

Stepping up onto a box, make sure you activate your glutes before stepping up. It is important to have good posture throughout and use your glutes to step up and not the leg that is on the ground.

Complete 10-15 on the same side then swap legs.


7. Walking Lunges (with or without hand weights)- try and find a space where you can walk in a straight line for at least 10-15 lunges. Repeat 3 times

Important not to over-stride or for knee to hit the ground. Think about your posture and activate your glutes before starting exercise.

excercise 7aexcercise7bExcercise7c

8. Front Plank – on your elbows, activate your core and hold for 60 secs

You can incorporate leg lifts while in the plank position which will activate the glutes and hamstrings – alternate leg lifts hold for 5 seconds.

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