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Appleton, van Vlerken superb at Challenge Bateman’s Bay

Posted on: Sunday 29th March 2015

Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) has backed up after a second place in Melbourne just two weeks ago to outsprint Liz Blatchford (GBR) and Mary Beth Ellis (USA) to win Challenge Bateman’s Bay from a world class field. Australian Sam Appleton continues to impress as he led from the front to grab his first win of the season in commanding style from Peter Robertson (AUS) and Per Bittner (DEU).

In her first race of the year Ellis led out of the swim with Blatchford shadowing her, the pair took advantage of the break to extend it to three minutes on the early stages from Kate Bevilaqua and Renee Baker.

It took a while for van Vlerken to work her way into the race but when she did lived up to her ‘flying Dutchwoman’ reputation.

“I pulled up good after Melbourne, so the coach said ‘yes’. Glad I did it, it’s a great event and I felt good today,” said van Vlerken.

At the final change it was van Vlerken that had found her tempo at the back end of the bike to hit the run first.

Blatchford was not giving it up that easy and the pair ran shoulder to shoulder and Ellis in contact.

In one of the most thrilling finishes we’ve seen this season neither could shake the other over the 21km and it came down to a sprint at the finish. Van Vlerken had the better legs in the end to narrowly beat Blatchford and Ellis ran strong for third.

Appleton was a class above in the men’s field leading at every change despite the best efforts from a credible chase group that include Joseph Lampe, Peter Robertson, Nick Kastelein and Jake Montgomery.

First to exit the water was young up and coming pro Jake Montgomery with pre-race favourite Sam Appleton right behind him. It didn’t take too long for Sam to break away from the rest of the field and ride solo off the front.

Making up the chase group Joey Lampe, Jake Montgomery, Peter Robertson and Nick Kastelein. But try as they might they could not make inroads on Sam, in fact Sam continued to put time into them and by the time he hit T2 he had upwards of 8mins over the chase group.

Robertson entered T2 in second place but he was going to have to unleash a stellar run to have any chance of reeling in Sam.

The big mover on the bike was Per Bitner who was off the bike in 4th and running extremely well.

Sam had total control of the race and cruised to a 5min victory over Peter Robertson in 2nd and Per Bitner taking the last spot on the podium.

Kastelein had what is becoming known as his ‘trademark’ fast run and finished in 4th.

Ryan Waddington in 5th and 6th place went to first out of the water- Jake Montgomery.


22 Yvonne VAN VLERKEN (6) 04:25:47 00:31:06 02:29:11 01:23:38
23 Liz BLATCHFORD (1) 04:25:51 00:27:07 02:33:12 01:23:41
27 Mary Beth ELLIS (2) 04:29:31 00:27:06 02:33:15 01:27:09
31 Kate BEVILAQUA (4) 04:35:17 00:29:56 02:35:36 01:28:01
33 Sarah CROWLY (3) 04:36:32 00:30:05 02:39:52 01:24:55


1 Sam APPLETON (20) 03:57:29 00:25:31 02:10:26 01:19:55
2 Peter ROBERTSON (21) 04:03:21 00:25:43 02:18:33 01:16:55
3 Per BITTNER (33) 04:06:48 00:27:09 02:19:36 01:18:26
4 Nick KASTELEIN (23) 04:08:12 00:25:31 02:25:44 01:15:21
5 Ryan WADDINGTON (26) 04:08:54 00:27:26 02:23:40 01:15:49


Full set of results here.



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