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Challenge Family clarifies its on-going commitment to North America

Posted on: Tuesday 27th October 2015

CHALLENGEFAMILY has today issued a statement clarifying its on-going commitment to North America.

CHALLENGEFAMILY continues to work to safeguard its key principles centred around authenticity and its athlete-first philosophy, ensuring the global triathlon series continues to deliver a premier triathlon experience in North America and around the world.

CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO, Zibi Szlufcik, commented that change was essential as CHALLENGEFAMILY continues to evolve on the global stage. He said: “The nature of being in the events industry means adjustments are made from time to time for numerous reasons and we will continue to build iconic races around the world that are committed to the CHALLENGEFAMILY philosophy.”

As part of this change, CHALLENGEFAMILY ended the contract with Atlantic City under a mutual agreement with DelmoSports some weeks ago but Szlufcik confirmed North America would continue to see a strong presence from CHALLENGEFAMILY in the coming years.

With regard to the six events planned for 2016 in the USA, CHALLENGEFAMILY explained that it has not commented on the recent actions by its joint venture partner Rev3 out of respect for the current legal processes in place. As soon as possible, full clarity will be provided on these events.

CHALLENGEFAMILY remains strong in Canada with the iconic CHALLENGEPENTICTON and the beautiful CHALLENGESTANDREWS, both primary qualifying races in 2016 for the ITU Long Distance World Championships which will take place in Penticton in 2017.

In Mexico, CHALLENGEFAMILY is represented by CHALLENGESANGIL, which sold out for its event earlier this year, and by CHALLENGEIXTAPA, the inaugural race of which will take place on 7 November 2015.

Szlufcik said all four North American races exemplified CHALLENGEFAMILY’s commitment to quality races with a strong focus on athlete experience for all ages and abilities.

“We promise our athletes high quality races that stand apart from mass market events,” he said. “They are more than just about the sport of triathlon, they are about integrating with the local communities allowing everyone to take part in a range of activities and experiences, regardless of age and ability. They are a true celebration of life and sport,” he said. “We have amazing partners in all four corners of the world, all as committed as we are to delivering outstanding races.”

Full details of CHALLENGEFAMILY family races can be found at

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