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Challenge Fredericia


Next Race: TBC September 2018


From mainland to island – and back again. Come race across one of the biggest bridges in Denmark

Five key reasons to race:

  1. The bike course will take you through the scenic route from the mainland of Denmark to the island Funen, and back again
  2. The run course will take you through Fredericia’s historic town, surrounded by the ramparts that used to protect the city from its enemies but has now been turned into a city park.
  3. Fredericia offers the only chance in the northern hemisphere to take your family Bridgewalking with stunning views 60 meters above sea level.
  4. Activities for the entire family, with Madsby Playground Park being one of the most popular activities for families
  5. Beautiful, scenic nature by the sea, offering a wealth of activities from kayaking to diving.

Fredericia has the perfect setting for CHALLENGEDENMARK. The triathletes will experience the combination of the stunning nature in Nature Park Lillebælt and our beautiful historic city with lots of activities. The bike course will take the athletes across one of the biggest bridges in Denmark – the “Old Little Belt Bridge” – and through the neighbor city, Middelfart

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