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Challenge Peguera-Mallorca


Next Race: 20 October 2018


Challenge Peguera on the island of Mallorca, with its stunning combination of coastal and mountain scenery and a delightful Mediterranean climate, provides the perfect end-of-season hit out for European athletes.

Top five reasons to race:

1) Race and train in paradise
2) Perfect end of season hit-out
3) Spectacular course through one of most beautiful parts of the island
4) Beautiful beaches to relax on before and after the race
5) Great location to holiday with friends and family

The adventure begins!

The big moment has arrived. It’s 14th of October and you, along with the other athletes who participate Challenge Peguera-Mallorca are waiting for the race to start on the wet sand of the Tora beach. Your adrenaline is sky high, you try to isolate yourself from the noise of the motivational music and the public’s roaring encouragement, trying to focus on your challenge, overcome the 1.9 km swimming, 90 km bike and 21 km running to become one of the Challenge Peguera-Mallorca 2017 FINISHERS. You will cross through the most beautiful areas of Calvià, its coastline and its mountains. The goal is to reach the Peguera Boulevard with enough energy so the public and volunteers can thank you for your effort.
Volunteers, police, civil defense, medics, and organization providers are also ready and hoping that you, your friends and family can enjoy a great event. Good luck friend and see you at the finish line!



Just 20 minutes from Palma: In Peguera you can enjoy swimming at the beautiful beaches, explore the trails that take you to the stunning Serra de Tramuntana, which was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, discover Calvia’s 14 towns on bike and let yourself be drawn to all their services. 


First class hotels: a varied and fully adapted range specialising in sports tourism with the capacity and experience needed for handling major events. More info 

Great food: top quality food combining traditional Mediterranean and Spanish dishes with the finest international cuisine.

Other attractions: a boulevard running through Peguera where you can find everything you might want: great shops and a range of leisure options and services.

Training centres: Peguera and Calvià have everything triathletes might need for the different disciplines: running tracks, swimming pools and gyms are all available, with countless open-air routes to enjoy.
2014 marks the opening of the TVP (Triathlon Village Peguera), specially designed for triathlon training in the very best conditions.


At Challenge Peguera-Mallorca our aim is to provide a global experience that goes beyond hosting the best triathlon event. That’s why we’ve prepared an extensive and varied activities program to ensure that triathletes and their companions get the most out of their stay. A range of activities is planned for the week building up to the Half Challenge Peguera.


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