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Challenge Roma 753


Next Race: TBC July 2018


Welcome to an extraordinary triathlon experience. Every year millions of people travel around the globe to see the Colosseum, the Imperial Fora, Caracalla Baths and so on…. but only FEW ELECTED triathletes will have the privilege to ride around them.

Rome is sunshine, beauty, charm, mystery. Rome is history. Triathlon is passion, sweat, suffering, sacrifice. Triathlon is heart.

Challenge Roma 753 is a drive towards eternity. The name and the characteristics of this competition refer to the date of the foundation of Rome in 753 BC. In fact, there will be a 1,753 meters swimming segment, a 75,310 meters cycling course and a 17,530 meters run.

5 reasons to race Challenge Roma:

  1. Enjoy the warm embrace of the Italian hospitality. There is no city in the world that offers more than Rome.
  2. Challenge Roma 753 is a unique event with a special distance.
  3. Two days of sport, competition and emotions.
  4. Rome is sunshine, beauty, charm, mystery. Rome is history!
  5. First Challenge race in Rome. Be part of it!




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