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From the shallows of the pool to the open water

Posted on: Wednesday 4th November 2015

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Jodie Swallow, one of the best triathletes on the circuit, and a swimming sensation, shares her thoughts on how to become a successful open water swimmer.

I was always one of those pool swimmers who could handle open water. Being smaller than the average international swimmer meant I had to learn to use a higher cadence in the pool to compensate for the lack of power that stronger females could harness. I was unwittingly learning my triathlon trade even back then.

It isn’t an absolute correlation that speed in the pool equals speed in the sea. Open water (OW) is to pool swimming; what mountain biking is to road racing; what Xterra is to triathlon; what cross country is to athletics.

Here is how to consistently convert success in a ‘closed’ training pool into nailing the swim in an ‘open’ race arena. I can tell you which is more fun!

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