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Good results with incredible looks mark the Itaipu Challenge Family Sunset

Posted on: Monday 11th September 2017

“The race was considered difficult by the athletes but withbeatiful landscapes that stimulated the competitors”


The summer weather and the moment of Suset provided a great scenerio in the victory of Felipe Marmo Gomes and Pamella Oliveira, who took the win in the main event of the Itaipu’s Challenge Family first event. The weather and the sunset gave a show apart that pleased the participants. The binational event held in Paraguay and Brazil also had the participation of many athletes in the age group category.


With the time of 4:01:27, Felipe Marmo Gomes, frin Curitiba – PR, was the fastest in the Half Distance, said that initially thought he was not having a great day, but he had enough strength and perseverance to take over his opponents and overcome himself – “I was coming little by little, anda t the end of the race I thought it was possible it made me give it all”- he says. Paulo Roberto Maciel was awarded the silver medal, he arrived shortly after Felipe completing the course at 4:04:07, the bronze went to Iuri Vinuto Josino who finished the race at 4:05:09. Besides the trio, Flávio da Silva Queiroga (4:06:33), and Marcus Fernandes (4:08:33) guaranteed the fourth and fifth place.


Among the women, the Olympic athlete, Pamella Oliveira, won the gold medal, who found the race very challenging and that it required a lot of the body and mind, “in the swimming it seemed that it was in the sea because of so many waves, in the bike there was great deal of Wind, but I managed to recover well in the race”, she explains. Mariana Borges de Andrade who was in the lead practically throughout the entire race, ended up with second place finishing at 4:39:27. Nayara Lumiére of Abreu Chagas came in third (4:50:38), just behind Bruna Saglietti Mahn with fourth place (4:56:01) and Gisele Rodrigues Bertucci in fifth (4:56:27).

VAZ_2176_klein VAZ_2419_klein

Age-Grouo Athletes with good results

The best placed was Cid Florêncio Barbosa dos Santos, he was very happy with the first place – “I was very happy with this result and also know that I am ready to compete in the next few days” he says. Cid, made the seventh best overall time with the time of 4:09:14 he was only eight seconds behind Felipe, the fastest in the professional category.

Among the women, Flávia Pedreira Rocha finished in 5 hours 14 minutes and 38 seconds, “a very difficult challengem but it was worth it, I want to thank my family and the public that encouraged us”, she comments.



The home athlete Gabriel Carvalho was the fastest in the Sprint category with the time of 1:11:44 he says he is very happy to win in his city “was the first race I came first and could not be in a place better, “he says. Lauara Ribeiro won in the women’s category, “I trained a lot, I worked hard and that’s why I managed to get there with this good result”, affirms the miner who took the test in 1:21:32.


Races for the Family

On the second day of races the day was dedicated to families, with hundreds of children, men and women with three race races: Junior Challenge, for children from 7 to 15 years; Challenge Women, only for women with a 5-kilometer walk or run; and Challenge For All, with a 10-kilometer, race-only course.

For Itaipu’s managing director, Marcos Baumgärtner, who participated in the athletes’ awards, the event was the opportunity to bring family members to the hydroelectric plant- “Itaipu is happy to receive such an interesting event mainly because of the interaction with family that it brings with it” – he says.

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Sunset Experience

For many competitors, the race seemed to be a challenge, but it turned out to be a good choice that brought not only a beautiful scenario with the sunset, but also the weather. “This is surreal, a race that is very different from what we are used to do elsewhere. Here we are in a paradise, with the nature and the wonderful sunset” – commented Pamela Oliveira, the Half Distance champion. A pride shared by Itaipu, “we are very happy to receive the Challenge Family. It was very interesting this night format, and we hope to repeat the event next year, “says Marcos Baumgärtner, Itaipu’s managing director.

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