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Macca’s ‘home away from home’ travel tips

Posted on: Tuesday 11th March 2014

At this time of year people are planning their race season and winter training camps. For many of us the trip is relatively short but after years of travel, I can assure you that for every time zone that we pass and every hour you’re in an aeroplane we have a trade-off on recovery that needs to be factored into a training plan.


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For the aspiring professional athlete the name of the game for prolonged international success on a global racing circuit is to ensure you have the flexibility and ability to train away from home. Being a true professional in this sport requires an ability to prepare for events and races abroad without any interruption to your performance.

You will often find many athletes who excel at racing at home but when you take them abroad their race results falter and moreover their ability to stay away and prepare in a foreign environment restricts their ability to deliver the same sort of training performance they can do at home. Ultimately this inflexibility in an athlete will hinder progress.

I’ve found that athletes need to make training bases around the world that work like home. You need to be familiar in an environment and it feel like your home away from home. To truly be a successful professional it’s imperative you master this quickly. For Australian and New Zealand athletes this has never been a problem as we have chased the circuit abroad and had to adapt to living away from home and training away from home. For Europeans many struggle with this very thing.

My advice is to step outside your comfort zone every now and then and challenge yourself to train in new unique places, ultimately searching for a place that gives you the best training options and you can make feel like home. Structure these training bases around your race schedule and don’t choose the easy option just because it feels like the easiest thing to do.

Great things happen to those people who make great things happen to themselves. It is up to you as an athlete to step outside your comfort zone and take chances and grow athletically. The athlete who takes the simple easy route to the top takes a much longer time to get there, if they ever arrive at all.


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