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The importance of strength training

Posted on: Thursday 27th February 2014

Strength training is probably the single most important form of work you can do for triathlon, says Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack. For myself a large portion of the work I do is strength based.


People often confuse strength training and aerobic conditioning work as two similar style of training. They are most certainly different.

I try to do strength work which is specific to the discipline I am training for. In running I add a component of hill work to my running programs to add strength to my foundation. I do big gear, gradient climbs for long periods of time to add some solid foundation strength and power to my bike legs. The same can be achieved in the pool using paddles, pullbouys and bands.

Strength is a fundamental piece of any triathlete’s training program and should never be neglected. Strength training in the gym is also encouraged as this can build solid strength and power in the foundation of a muscle in a shorter period of time. I am a strength based athlete and find that it is imperative to support this strength with a structured strength training plan in my program.

I recently put together my strength and aerobic conditioning sessions in video form at if you want more information on key sessions you can adopt to add some routine and structure to your training program.

Without question for every triathlete regardless of sex, race distance or experience, triathlon is a sport of strength and endurance for this reason alone the importance of this key element of the sport is critical. Doing it right and getting this blend correct within your training plan is what’s important.


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