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Winter training techniques from Macca

Posted on: Monday 19th September 2016

For most of the triathlon world the winter months provide the ability to give the body a break from the grinds of a structured training program that will unravel in the spring months.


The focus and dedication required during this build phase is heavy so winter time is a good opportunity to give yourself a break from such strict routine and focus more specifically on single discipline improvement and other ways of developing your aerobic conditioning.

I know in Europe a lot of people use snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing as a great fitness base in the winter and this is a perfect time to do this. The change in training disciplines and the different mental focus required to enjoy training gives the body both a mental and physical break.

I’ve often reminded people that Vitamin D is a huge benefit to our training progress and this is solely driven by exposure to sunlight. In the European winter exposure to the sun is much less so we can find recovery from and development in training can at times not be as sound and solid.

This along with many other reasons is a good reminder why winter workloads can be kept a little lighter before we begin to build some volume and structure as spring training rolls around.

I’ve recently been training with the Dutch Olympic swim team who are probably the strongest swimming team in the world at the moment. They have shifted their mode winter training camps to Asia from Spain for the simple fact that the longer days gives them much better exposure to the sun and the mental benefits of warmer weather and longer days has given them a better bounce in their training block post these camps.

If you can escape the winter at anytime during your training phase to tap out some training, maybe look at heading somewhere where you can be exposed to warmer weather, longer days and truly escape the winter months on all these grounds.


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