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World class field lines up for Challenge Heilbronn

Posted on: Friday 19th June 2015

This Sunday, 21 June, CHALLLENGEHEILBRONN will feature one of the best line-ups this year: Andreas Dreitz, Sebastian Kienle, Maurice Clavel, Andi Böcherer, Ronnie Schildknecht, Michael Raelert, Nils Frommhold, Horst Reichel, Guilio Molinari and Julian Mutterer will fight for the men’s win. The women’s title will be chased by Svenja Bazlen, Ricarda Lisk, Daniela Sämmler, Anja Beranek, Laura Philipp, Natascha Badmann, Katharina Wolff, Katja Konschak, Jenny Schulz and Nina Kuhn.

With over 2,200 participants signed up, the race has been sold out for several weeks. One factor attracting the athletes is the ‘central city’ concept’. “Compact and smart – we have organized all hotspots in close proximity and in the center of the city”, said race organizer Christoph Trossbach.

“We are aware that the triathlon world will look at Heilbronn on 21 June”, said co-race organizer, Erich Hoffmann. “As part of our ‘central city concept’ CHALLENGEHEILBRONN has created a unique transition zone in a multi-story car park. Triathlon is an unbelievable sport. A transition zone on several levels is a perfect match to the unbelievable”, he continued.

The battle for the CHALLLENGEHEILBRONN title can be watched around the world via the live stream and live tracking on the event’s homepage With the help of several mobile camera teams, drones and the time tracking, fans and spectators can become part of the unique CHALLENGEHEILBRONN.


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